THETA In the Middle of Us

Today is the usual drinking party with colleagues from work.
I wonder how many times I’ve drank beer with them after work.
Some days are tough but this time is my time to relax and enjoy myself.
Some times we are friends who encourage each other, while other times we are rivals who pledge to “never lose to one another”.

I now have a considerable number of photos taken of our drinking parties that I have continued to take since I was a new employee. When I look back over the photos, I’m there with work colleagues who joined the company at the same time and they have become dependable people year after year. I can’t quite remember which place we went to, or what we ate, or some of the things that do not appear in the photo, but I feel that gradually I’ve come of age.

Recently, I’ve started to always take along THETA to these drinking parties.
I can preserve everything in 360 degrees, everyone’s smiling face, of course, the atmosphere of the place and the delicious food. I no longer have to disturb the party mood while deciding where to have everyone stand for the photo when tables block the view so I can’t get everyone in the shot. The best part is that I no longer have to utter the words “I can’t remember”.
It feels as though I am “keeping a memory of the surroundings” rather than simply “taking a photo” of the entire atmosphere of the place.

Today is the last day a work colleague is coming to the party because he will be sent to work overseas.
He is my biggest rival, who always worked hard and encouraged me through the thick and thin.
I wonder what his and my own expression will be when he comes back from abroad.
This moment right now, important moments in the future, THETA will keep a memory of all of them for you.

Even everyday dull moments can be important memories when looking back on them.
Well, I’m off somewhere today to capture some memories with THETA.

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by TheChatou