THETA Records All Five Senses

It’s Friday, work is over. I think I’ll go straight home today.
I’m going camping with friends tomorrow. My bag is ready and filled with equipment.
Oh, and I mustn’t forget THETA. I can’t wait to see photos that will be taken during camping.

I’m often asked to take photos when going out with several friends.
I’ve always liked taking photos so I’ve lots of different photos saved on my smartphone, photos from normal everyday scenes to the smiling faces of my friends at places we have traveled to.

So I guess that’s why I’ve continued to take lots of different types of photos to at least keep some memories of the fun times you only get at such times as, of course, during group photos with friends while camping, having fun with friends around a barbecue, and being among invigorating natural scenery.
I feel a bit like a photographer because I don’t want to take just another standard photo and I don’t want to miss a good shot.

Even when I can’t fit the whole shot in the viewfinder, I can use THETA to record every direction of that instant.
The atmosphere of the camp site, the sense of space while outdoors, and friends who are enjoying camping……
THETA captures memories of both myself and everything extending around me in 360 degrees that I want to keep. Of course, it also keeps a memory of my smiling face.

I believe that I’m not the only person who enjoys looking back on old photos when I have some free time. Later on I share with friends the photos I took while camping and we have fun talking about our memories together.
Processing recorded surroundings unique to 360-degree photos, as you can see, makes it possible for you to produce your own art. You can become a bit of a hero on SNS.

Did we have much trouble putting up the tent during our last camping trip? While looking back over memories preserved by THETA, I become even more excited for what tomorrow will bring.
I hope to keep lots of fond memories from tomorrow in 360 degrees using THETA.

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by snow_j