THETA Creates a Connection with the Past

My childhood photos often show just 2 people.
My father and I or my mother and I.
I have about 2 or 3 photos with all 3 of us but our expressions look stiff and unnatural.
Sometimes the photos show a stranger’s hand accidently captured in the shot.
I’m grown up now and have a child of my own.
One morning, my baby suddenly started to walk while grabbing onto furniture. I was so surprised.
Up until the day before, my baby could only make “Ah” and “Oo” sounds. So I couldn’t comprehend what had happened when my baby started to call out “Dada” for me.

Since my child was born, I’ve been shooting images of my family with THETA every day.
When we went to the zoo, when we went to visit grandmother’s house.
Not just that, but also when there is nothing special happening such as when eating meals and watching TV in the living room.

Photos taken with THETA show not only my child’s smiling face but also wife and grandmother, who can’t help herself over how cute her grandchild is, sitting next to the child.
Of course, there is me who is in charge of taking photos.

Today, Google Photos sent me a message about a “memory on this day” that happened 5 years ago.
The photo showed me with my baby making its first attempt to stand up. I’m holding THETA in one hand while extending my other hand towards my child who looks about to fall in the photo.
If you take photos of yourself as well, it’s a record of your memory. Take it with THETA.

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