THETA Brings Color to Everyday Life

Now that it’s possible to upload photos to SNS, each day has changed just a little.
Photos such as a trendy cafe, a delicious lunch, and the unexpected expression of your pet. You can now fit lots of moments into a photo, things you want to show friends even small things that had gone unnoticed in the past.

Since I starting using THETA, each day has changed more.
The blue sky, the gorgeous cityscape, and the lively surroundings…looking out over them in 360 degrees allows you to see so many things you did not realize were there until now, it’s exciting.
At a large girls-only gathering, I had zero worries about getting everyone in the shot. Since I could take a full body shot of everyone, I just couldn’t help but take so many photos of everyone striking different poses on a day they had dressed up so nicely.
My face ends up taking on a composed expression if a camera is pointed at me but THETA takes photos that show me as I am, being playful and having fun. My friends also look like they are somehow having more fun than usual.

Recently, I am really into processing 360-degree photos I shot and creating original photos. I write the name of the place I went out to, apply stamps to delicious local gourmet I discovered while walking and eating outside, and leave memories in 360 degrees of how I spend the 365 days of the year with my family and friends in a format for myself.
I give my fun memories some sparkle and record them on SNS in my “Album”. This is my “Treasure Chest” filled with my feelings together with the atmosphere at that time.

When I look over each uneventful day that goes by in 360 degrees, there is always something exciting hidden there.
THETA always discovers the excitement in these days for me.
Now then, it’s time for me to take THETA out somewhere today.