THETA for Your Trip

Work is steadily getting busier and every day continues to be enjoyable.
Even though my days are fulfilling, I would still like to take a break from it all.

When I was a student, I used to love experiencing foreign cultures first-hand.
Going to the actual country, gazing at the scenery, eating the local cuisine and experiencing the traditional crafts.
My world would suddenly expand by directly experiencing the atmosphere of the land.
To always remember that world, I would look in the viewfinder and press the shutter button.
Now I am no longer a student and my work keeps me busy, I still want to cherish that time.
I’ve been planning my trip long before the long vacation and been working hard every day while feeling excited about this.

At one point, you suddenly realize when looking back at photos of trips taken in the past that we take fewer photos of ourselves appearing in the shot but instead just take photos of the scenery and food.
When I saw a magnificent scene, I wonder what kind of impression I had.
When I ate this food, were my friend and I looking at each other’s face and laughing at how tasty it was?

After that, THETA became vital for traveling.
Having a photo of the entire surroundings that captures both the place you went to and yourself enables you to vividly remember everything when you look back later at the photo, and it is also fun to notice things later on that you did not notice during the trip.
The expression on my face looks so happy during the trip.

You can look back at a photo of the 360 surroundings shot using THETA and create work by cutting out pieces of the photo in a form not found anywhere else. You can adjust the colors and apply stamps to preserve the impressive bright blue sky, the time you enjoyed with friends, and the atmosphere of the place.
Sharing this with friends on Instagram in a new way as a record of your trip allows you to again enjoy each place you visited in the world together with your friends.

There’s no end to the trip.
THETA continues to spin the story of your tip from what you saw, what you felt, and even how you felt at the time so that you can forever remember it all again.

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by katia_mi_