More convenient and easy to use

How to install


Use the included USB cable to connect the RICOH THETA to a PC.


Access the RICOH THETA PLUG-IN STORE and click "Download" for a plug-in you want to install.

* Supported model for each plug-in can be confirmed from each plug-in page.


When the basic app for computer "RICOH THETA" is automatically launched, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. Make sure to leave the camera and computer alone until the installation is complete.

* The basic app for computer "RICOH THETA" (Version 3.6.0 or higher) is required to install plug-ins. Click here to download.

Browse our lineup of 360-degree cameras


Flagship Model: THETA Z1

Captures the highest quality 360-degree images and videos of the THETA series with advanced shooting and editing options.

Standard Model: THETA SC2

Available in four colors, photographers of any skillset can use the THETA SC2 to easily capture and share eye-catching 360-degree still images and 4K videos with precise stitch image processing.

Visit the product page for additional specs