Advanced Using a stand and tripod

THETA can stand up by itself on a flat surface but we do not recommend this method. The reason is that THETA has a high center of gravity and accidents may occur such as the camera falling over and the lenses can get scratched. Be sure to use a stand or tripod when you want to secure THETA so that you don’t regret a careless accident. If you have a stand or tripod, every single THETA function will be at your disposal such as slow shutter shooting and HDR rendering. It is also necessary to use remote shooting or the self-timer function when using a stand or tripod.

Taking beautiful photos even in dark places

There is no blur even with slow shutter shooting for nightscapes or in dark rooms. You are free to take photos how you like by lowering ISO sensitivity with the ISO priority mode and using HDR rendering with the automatic mode, etc.

Taking photos without people

Secure THETA on a tripod and use the self-timer or remote shooting. If the photographer is hidden from view, you can shoot a spherical image without any people on the screen.


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