Other Transferring Multiple Captured Images from THETA to Your Smartphone in One Batch

Images captured on THETA are to be viewed from your smartphone, not from THETA itself. For this reason, images must be transferred from THETA to your smartphone after being captured. Images can be transferred one by one immediately after being shot, or with multiple images in one batch. As the transfer of 360-degree images takes some time, we recommend transferring multiple images in one batch after you have finished shooting, rather than transferring images one by one each time the shutter button is pressed. Transferring the day’s worth of images in one batch during travel time or after you get home is also a good idea.



(1) After connecting via Wi-Fi, tap “Not transferred” in “Images in camera,” and then tap the image selection icon at the top right.

(2) Insert a check mark (㋹ icon) for the images that you wish to transfer and tap “Transfer” at the bottom right.

(3) Images with a check mark will be transferred from THETA to your smartphone in one batch.

(4) When all the images in (3) have been transferred, tap “Device images” to display the images saved in your smartphone.

*In the usual camera roll, images captured using THETA will not be displayed in the 360-degree format.

(5) Tap an image to view it as a 360-degree image.


Check this page for details