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Basic Editing still images using the THETA+ app

To edit images captured using THETA, it is necessary to install the THETA+ app used for editing (iOS/Android) on your smartphone in addition to the “THETA app” used for viewing images.

How to transition from the THETA app to THETA+ app:

1. Open the THETA app image viewing screen and then tap the icon with three horizontal lines at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Select “Edit in THETA+”. The screen will transition to the THETA+ app editing screen.

How to directly edit from the THETA+ app

1. Select the image you want to edit from the list screen.

2. Tap the pink circle icon at the bottom center of the screen.

3. You can select a view from among the choices of “Mirror Ball”, “Little Planet”, “2 Screens”, “Flat” and “Straight” by tapping the upper left earth icon.

4. You can select the filter and background color by tapping the second icon from the left.

5. You can adjust the “Exposure”, “Contrast”, “Color temperature”, “Highlight”, “Shadow”, “Clarity” and “Saturation” by tapping the pen icon (second icon from the right).

6. You can select the image size by tapping the first icon from the right.

7. Tap the earth icon on the left of the screen and then tap “Animation” at the bottom to enable animation editing.

Click here for details on how to edit “Animation”.

8. You can also blur image and add a stamp or text by tapping the icon on the top right.

9. Tap the check mark on the top right after editing to return to the preview screen.

10. Tap the icon on the bottom left to export the edited image.

11. Exported images are saved to Camera Roll. Alternatively, you can also post images directly to social media from any of the social media app icons at the bottom of the screen.

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