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We recommend “Google Photos” app when you want to share multiple 360-degree images and images taken with a smartphone camera to other people at once.

First, please install the “Google Photos” app (iOS/Android) on your smartphone. If you turn on automatic backup, 360 images transferred to your smartphone will also be automatically backed up on Google Photos.

Both 360-degree videos and still images can be saved and viewed with “Google Photos”.

On Google Photos, images captured with THETA will have a 360-degree image icon on their top right. Tap these images to display them in 360 degrees.

<Sharing images one by one>

(1) After selecting an image, tap the share icon.

(2) Specify an e-mail address, or obtain an image URL by tapping "Create link."
Send the image by e-mail, or share the image by pasting the acquired URL to text messages or social media.

Using Google Photos, you can create an album with multiple images and then share the album.
(1) After selecting the album to share, tap share button on the top right.
(2)Share your album URL by the way you prefer

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