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Advanced Shooting While Eating

Capturing an image of you eating with someone is difficult when using a smartphone. But using THETA, such images can be easily captured.

Image Taken with a Smartphone

In selfies taken with a smartphone, faces and food are often cut off at the edges.

Steps to Shoot and Edit Using THETA

①Set THETA to the self-timer mode.

*For instructions on how to set the self-timer mode in each model, refer to the details under “Shooting in the Self-Timer Mode” on this page.

②Mount THETA on a tripod and place it at the center of the table. Adjust the tripod so that THETA is at your eye level.

*If you don’t have a tripod, you can place THETA directly on the table.

③Press the shutter button and smile!

④Open the THETA+ app and select the image that you captured.

⑤ Turn your smartphone sideways in the landscape orientation and select "Dual Screen."
⑥Adjust the image such that the faces and food are positioned at the center of the image.

⑦Save to camera roll and share on SNS!

The scene of both of you and your friend enjoying your meals is captured neatly in one photo.

For 360-degree images, click here.

For the editing app THETA+, click here(iOS/Android).

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