RICOH THETA 360° experience

Experience a 360 world
with THETA!

RICOH THETA lets you capture everything around you.
Achieve a sense of realism with a compact design that fits in your hand!

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Capture asuper wide view in 360 withRICOH THETA!

RICOH THETAで撮影すると、超広角360°でその場の景色がすべて残せます。
Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
360°の静止画・動画は「RICOH THETA」本体の表裏2枚の超広角レンズが、上下左右をぐるっと一度に撮影、合成することで作られます。

THETA takes 360° images and video with two super wide lenses, front and back. With a single click THETA shoots and stitches a 360° image!

Feature #1

Make amazing
memories in 360!

It’s easy to share with friends and family or even on social media so you can remember your awesome experiences!

Feature #2

Quick access for shooting

Instantly activate THETA All it takes is a push of a button, no need to think about composition. You can’t miss the shot!

Feature #3

Compact and lightweight THETA can go anywhere you do!

Keep THETA in your pocket or a bag. With small size and smooth design, THETA is always ready to shoot on a moment’s notice!


We’ve got a great lineup.
Check which THETA is 
the best for you!


Flagship Model


Can express 7K high-resolution 360° images in approx. 23MP due to the equipped 1.0-inch large sensor.

Standard model available in four colors


Available in a choice of 4 pastel colors. Recommended for people who want to enjoy simple 360-degree shooting.

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Beyond your imagination!

Check the official store for details